Our Projects

Our Primary Goal

Gulzad Foundation's two core focuses are Women’s and Youth Empowerment, both of which we believe to be key to positively developing some of the poorest communities in Afghanistan. It is our vision that through such empowerment we can help to nurture and protect the rich culture of our country. Gulzad Foundation is also setting up discussion groups for women, in collaboration with women based community organizations, to raise awareness of social practices and their potential detrimental impacts.

Helping the Needy to fight against COVID-19

Today, beside other troubles, the world is going through a critical time. Mankind is endangered, thousands of people are dying every day due to the contagious Coronavirus that is causing an illness called COVID-19, while other thousands are losing their lives because of hunger. Covid-19 has brought a noticeable collapse to all the aspects of life, especially, human’s biological life.

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Women’s Bazaar Program

In partnership with a Deaf and Mute School, a Blind School, Women’s Shelters, and Women Beggars, we have established a women’s only Bazaar, and encouraged our beneficiaries to sell items that they either make themselves, or buy for cheap at local markets.

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Youth Empowerment

We believe that every individual has the right to a good education, and truly it helps to create firm foundations from which an individual can grow. Although children’s education statistics are improving in Afghanistan, there is still a massive shortfall of students attending primary and, in particular, secondary education.

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Afghanistan Youth TV

Afghanistan Youth TV (AYTV) is a non-profit media initiative being digitally aired in Kabul, Afghanistan. AYTV is now driving advertising and sponsorship collaboration for private, government, corporate and social firms from all fields by featuring them on its TV channel during show breaks and in-program marketing as sponsors. The channel’s concept is to address youth issues , in addition to inculcate inspiring, striving and progressive mind-sets in the Afghan Youth.

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