Afghanistan Youth TV

Afghanistan Youth TV Program

Afghanistan Youth TV is a nonprofit media initiative that represents and strives for the development of Afghan Youth and the society as a whole. Witnessing decades of political instability and social turmoil, a number of our fellow Afghans moved to different countries in search of a healthy life and prosperous future. Most of the youth today don’t have confidence in the economic and political situation of the country, and it is mainly because of the rise of negative media coverage being aired day and night about Afghanistan. This has deteriorated social and law and order conditions on the national television.

There had been a significant need for a digital media channel to represent and address the issues faced by nearly 70% of the population of Afghanistan – it’s youth – and provide a platform to raise their voice. The channel that promotes the positive side of Afghanistan, airing programs that are particularly designed to develop the youth not only educationally, culturally, politically, mentally and physically but also nurture a positive attitude and progressive mindset, so that each member of the society plays its role for the development of Afghanistan. The channel provides a platform for the youth and society to be heard by national and international societies enabling them to restore trust and confidence in the prosperous future of Afghanistan. Emphasizing mainly on the rich culture, values, history and the progress of Afghanistan and broadcasting success stories of fellow Afghans, we promote the positive side of Afghanistan, showing how blessed our homeland is and how talented our people are. This does not only broadcast a progressive image, but also builds in us the responsibility and recognition of rights and duties that our society and community needs from us as a nation.

The license was obtained from the Ministry of Information and Culture in October of 2018. Five pilot tests took place to ensure quality between November of 2018 and March of 2019. Afghanistan Youth TV went on air on 4th of April to introduce its concepts and programs, and on day of Eid launched its programs. Since then, considering the response of society and social media interactions, the channel has gathered immense support from different parts of the society and has now become one of the core members of the Afghan Media. For now the channel is based and airs only in Kabul, due to the limitations of the broadcasting entity. However, we have concrete plans to expand and establish offices in at least four other major cities, in addition to going international to promote positive image of the country to encourage the diaspora to support and contribute to their native motherland and nation. The whole project has been completely financed from private funds from Gulzad Group allocated to Gulzad Foundation.

  • Afghanistan Youth TV is up and running in Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Offices and studios have been established
  • Young Afghans and technical team have been hired and growing each day in Kabul
  • Our TV group has gathered much support from key figures in society for different causes to help the youth
  • Immense support from the local and foreign Afghan communities through social media interactions
  • Many youth organizations have been interviewed to determine what they need
  • Selection and successful airing of appropriate TV programs to support the mission and vision of Afghanistan Youth TV
Key strengths and talents
  • Leadership experts with a variety of professional backgrounds
  • Afghan expats working with local Afghans
  • Experienced TV personalities
  • Respected Afghan role models and celebrities
  • Having elite members of the Afghan society on board
The Approach
  • Changing the culture and habits in any environment is challenging. Due to illiteracy and devotion to the religion in Afghanistan, people tend to be more emotional. Thus, we will structure our programs with respect to the social norms and our own history, which existed before the four decades of turmoil.
  • The initiative is by the youth for the youth. We have been communicating and surveying with the youth to update ourselves with the demand of our target audience and work in a direction that is the most appropriate
The Challenges and how we are addressing them
  • Our programs are inspiring to not only the traditional Afghans but also to the modern Afghans. Our programs are and will be advancing the grasp of the people and close the gap intellectually between the divided societies. The culture is the base of every society, once we start changing mind-sets, we have already enabled them to change in various levels such as economically, socially, and politically. This is creating a common goal for the society, thus as to why we are calling it a movement, and not just an idea or a simple TV channel.
  • One of the biggest operational challenge is the electricity crisis in Afghanistan. Electricity cuts throughout the year have caused us to spend much more than the budgeted amount. Gas and large generators are needed to power the studio, offices, and equipment essential for TV operations to be carried out.