Youth Empowerment

Children’s & Youth Education

We believe that every individual has the right to a good education, and truly it helps to create firm foundations from which an individual can grow. Although children’s education statistics are improving in Afghanistan, there is still a massive shortfall of students attending primary and, in particular, secondary education. In the latest UNICEF statistics, it was reported that, between 2005 and 2010, only 66 % of boys and 40 %, of girls were attending primary school. Even more shocking was that only 18 % of boys and 6 % of girls were in attendance at secondary level.

School buildings and resources

With education such a key component of community development, we feel that much work must be done in order to improve these statistics. So far we have worked to improve the access and level of resources available within poor areas of Afghanistan. We have helped to build new school buildings and libraries, and also assisted in the provision of resources.

Scholarship Program

The problem in the past has been that communities rarely see the tangible benefits of education. As seen in the earlier statistics, the majority of primary students don’t continue on to secondary education at all, and thus many question the necessity of education in the first place. By providing the most gifted students with scholarships, we help them to realize their full potential, while also inspiring other members of the community to seek a full education.

Future Plans

Our commitment to education is a long term one, and continuing from the success of our scholarship scheme, we hope to support a further thousand individuals. In addition to this, we will continue to work with business partners both in Afghanistan and overseas to collectively support schools with new buildings and resources.

Child and youth Sponsorship

We currently have a number of young girls and boys, aged from 5 to 16, who are supported by our program, and we are focused on increasing this number in the near future

You can assist us in supporting Afghanistan’s young people by sponsoring a child, and in doing so give them the opportunity to receive the level and quality of education they deserve. Not only that, but too your help will assist them with materials, training, and a number of other basic needs that can truly give them a platform to grow. 100% of the money you donate will go directly to supporting your individual child, and we will manage the process to ensure that he or she receives exactly what they need to develop a sustainable future.

As a basic requirement to them receiving our support, they are required to attend school regularly, where they must learn English, and also partake in at least one sporting activity. This means that they are no longer on the streets, and are working very hard towards obtaining good school results, as well as developing socially also. We keep in contact with their schools, and assess their progress on a regular basis. All of their school reports and results are kept on file, and thus you are able to observe the progress of your sponsored child, and ensure that your money is truly making a difference.

We hope to expand this project in the future, and encourage more of Afghanistan’s youth to become active within both school and their community.

Women’s Empowerment
Adult Literacy and Numeracy for Afghanistan’s Forgotten Society

Although UNICEF’s statistics on education make pretty grim reading today, they were much worse in the not so distant past. As a result of the conflict period in our country, there are generations of people who missed out on an education, and once more the majority of those affected were women.

With a lack of basic education, it has proved difficult for the women of this generation to achieve any kind of economic empowerment. In addition to this, with a lack of literacy skills, they have even struggled to understand their own basic rights as human beings, and have thus fallen into the trap of becoming subservient to the males in society.

Through adult literacy and numeracy classes, we hope to give adults, but women in particular, the basic skills they need to progress. With our business experts also performing seminars, we hope to make entrepreneurs from Afghanistan’s lost generation. We truly feel that women are the foundations of a good community, and thus by educating them, we empower them, and subsequently empower society as a whole.

Women’s Entrepreneurship + Micro-Finance Business

One way that we really feel that the ‘Gulzad Foundation’ can support the people of Afghanistan is through micro-finance business schemes and entrepreneurship programs. We have access to some of the most experienced and successful business minds in Afghanistan, as well as a number of contacts and resources to support such initiatives.

With the ‘Gulzad Group’ having a background in the Agriculture, Construction, and Investment sectors, to name a few, we truly have the foundations to support great community development programs on a large scale. As well as offering business advice, grants, and resources, we also connect our women to key contacts in Banking, Accounting, and Business Law, in order to enable them to understand the key components of running a successful business.

In the past we have arranged lectures and seminars, where many of our beneficiaries have stepped foot into banks, building societies, or law firms for the first time in their lives. They learn vital information about how to set up and run a business, as well as finding strength in numbers and inspiration to progress into the unknown.

Future Plans

We will continue to focus on adult literacy and numeracy within a number of Afghanistan’s poorest regions, and in this way will continue to increase the number of Afghan’s who have had the opportunity to learn. It is impossible to visualize sustained and positive development within communities without adequate education. In the future, we too hope to focus on such initiatives alongside micro-finance entrepreneurship schemes in order to maximize the impact on the lives of our beneficiaries.