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Gulzad Foundation, a non-profit public charity organization in Afghanistan, was formed by the Gulzad Group with the purpose of serving its community by helping the struggling and marginalized Afghan community, especially the women and children of Afghanistan, who are among the most vulnerable in the country.

The Gulzad Foundation was established as the charitable arm of the Gulzad Group. With the motivation of supporting people affected by years of war and turmoil, the Foundation formed with the intention of supporting Afghanistan’s women and children in particular.

The Gulzad Foundation sees women and children as the foundations of our society, and with education and empowerment at the heart of our programs, we truly believe that it is them who can lead us to a prosperous Afghanistan in the future.

The Gulzad Group established the Gulzad Foundation in order to offer further support and development to, in particular, minority groups in Afghanistan. It is an unfortunate reality that women, are often still viewed and treated as a minority in Afghanistan, and we firmly believe that through a girl’s education and female empowerment, we can aid the development of our communities.

The women are the mothers of our society and through them we can raise healthy and productive future generations, with a philosophy of sharing and equality. Our country is resource rich, and there is absolutely no reason why anyone should suffer. It has been a turbulent period of our countries history, but we are ready to come out of the other side fresh and renewed.

The Gulzad Group works to the premise of ‘The Mark of Excellence’ and we strive for the same level of quality when it comes to work within our foundation. We have developed projects that offer tangible benefits and are sustainable in nature. In this way we help the Afghan people to create thriving and progressive communities for generations to come.


It is our vision that every child, male and female, should have access to a good education, and thus we strive to catalyze a continued increase in school attendance figures in some of the poorer areas of Afghanistan. We also believe that many older members of society who missed out on receiving an education should be supported with regards to literacy and numeracy. In this way, we believe that we can help to empower members of the Afghan community across multiple generations.

We also believe in rebuilding the rich Afghan Society, which has been forgotten and mistreated over years of struggle, and once again make it strong and inclusive. With a focus on education, cultural development, and women in society, we believe we can reestablish firm foundations, and develop the communities to nurture the Afghan society back to full health.

We focus on women, as not only have they suffered the most through the difficult times, but also they are the cornerstone of any rich and strong society. We believe that by helping to educate, empower, and enrich the lives of the mothers in society, we can plant a seed for future growth, which we nurture even more-so with our focus on youth education.

We are proud of the diverse culture of our wonderful country, and wish to focus on reigniting the richness of our heritage in order to redevelop firm foundations on which to grow. The people of Afghanistan have suffered, and now we are committed to working hard to restore their confidence, faith, strength, and pride in their country.

Founder's Message

The challenges, imperatives and opportunities everyone confronts, changes from region to region and culture to culture – In the majority of the developing nations, especially in Afghanistan, the youngsters are growing up without educational opportunities, basic healthcare facilities, food and all other services which they need to achieve their maximum potential. From forced early marriages, destitution, absence of instruction, armed conflicts, trim of opportunities, joblessness, bread and butter issues, a culture marked by guns, viciousness and drugs are real issues. This results in a flimsy economy, a smashed certainty of foreign investors, lawlessness, and a break-up of social fabric.