Ramadan Emergency Relief

Ramadan Emergency Relief

The beautiful and holy month of Ramadan, the month of giving, blessings and mercy, has started and we, at Gulzad Foundation, have been preparing and planning to help and support families in need.

By the generous donations of people all over the world and our volunteers we collect donations, purchase basic food commodities, create food packages, and distribute it to the people in Afghanistan that need it the most. Our distributions take place in all provinces depending on how many donations we receive.

This year, Afghanistan is facing the biggest humanitarian crisis ever. Job losses, lack of cash and increasing commodity prices are creating a new level of poverty in the country. Today 22.8 million Afghans, more than half of the population, are not consuming enough food and the acute malnutrition is above emergency thresholds in 25 of the 34 provinces and is expected to worsen (WFP). The drought, political turmoil, the change of government and the economic developments has all taken its toll on Afghans inside the country. Afghanistan is struggling with high burden of malnutrition in women and children and a rising burden of noncommunicable diseases. Nutrition and good health are the basic needs of every human to be able to live a normal life. Unfortunately, many people don’t have enough or any food to feed themselves and their families every day. They struggle to bring some food to the table to just survive.

It's therefore our highest priority to support and help the people in need, especially during the month of Ramadan. As every other year, we want to feed as many families possible and help them get through these difficult times. To provide as many individuals and families with basic food commodities we’re getting help and support from the Gulzad Group.

Gulzad Group is currently distributing food baskets to thousands of people on a daily basis and will support Gulzad Foundation by providing the food commodities at the lowest price (purchase price), which means that we can provide more food commodities with the donations we receive. In addition to this, Gulzad Group has announced to match the donations we receive to double the donations. This means that every donation will be counted as 2 donations, and we will be able to help more people.

This year, Gulzad Foundation is combining forces with Omid Stichting to optimize our activities, expand our reach and to together succeed to help individuals and families in Afghanistan and to provide them with food commodities during the month of Ramadan. For more information about Omid Stichting, please visit www.omidstichting.nl .

For updates about the distributions, the process and other activities please follow our social media pages and keep in mind that every small donation can make a big difference for someone in need.
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