Helping the Needy to fight against Covid-19

gulzad foundation charity helping people
Helping the Needy to fight against Covid-19

Today, beside other troubles, the world is going through a critical time. Mankind is endangered, thousands of people are dying every day due to the contagious Coronavirus that is causing an illness called COVID-19, while other thousands are losing their lives because of hunger. Covid-19 has brought a noticeable collapse to all the aspects of life, especially, human’s biological life.
COVID-19 which was evolved from Wuhan China, is rapidly spreading all over the world and has reached Afghanistan as well. As the world is waiting for the medical industry to find a treatment or vaccination for this disease, the daily lives as we knew is changed into a new reality. The World Health Organization advised the governments all over the world to take precautionary matters, by requesting the people to stay at home and not continuing with any daily activity that will need people to leave their houses. This is necessary to avoid the spread of the disease as it can harm anyone contracted with the Coronavirus, which in some cases can lead to the death.

The Afghan Public Health Ministry estimated that 25.6 million Afghans will be infected and 110,000 Afghans will die from COVID-19 if serious action will not be taken. Only the city of Kabul counts approximately 80.000 children that work on the streets to earn money and bread for themselves or their families and then there are the homeless people and the poor who can’t even bare a slight change in weather. How can they go through this tough time which needs extreme hygiene and a good immune system to increase the chances of survival.
While people are advised to stay home and businesses are closed, people in Afghanistan, especially the less fortunate, will face huge problems as they will not be able to feed their families. The government of Afghanistan doesn't have enough funds to support the population with food, health care and medical equipment to fight the battle against Covid-19. On the other hand, the political and official governmental corruption has made the life of Afghans tougher. Any help from UNICIF, UN or neighboring countries that comes to Afghanistan hardly reaches the purposed areas.

gulzad foundation charity helping people
poor afghan family

As helping and empowering the vulnerable group in Afghanistan has been our priority, we started a new initiative to help the needy people get through this though period. The foundation in corporation with other volunteers are donating and searching ways to help people fight against this contagious disease by providing them food and nourishments to survive in a tension-free state of mind inside their houses till this disaster vanishes.
Therefore, we’re taking an emergency step to take the hands of those who can’t cope with this catastrophe in Afghanistan. If they stay home hunger will kill them and if they go out to earn their livelihood the virus will take their essence form their weak bodies.
You can help the needy survive during the covid-19 crisis by gift any amount you see fit. The packages Gulzad Foundation prepares and distributes have a value of 60 euros for smaller families (3-4 people) and 70 euros for bigger families (5-6 people) and contain the necessary ingredients to feed families for a month. Every package contains rice, floor, oil, tea, salt, sugar, kidney beans, tomato paste, hand and body soap and sanitary napkins.
Your gift can help us to change lives of families who live below the poverty line and offer them a hand when it’s impossible to earn an income and feed their families.

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