Tragedy of Gayan

Tragedy of Gayan

In the middle of the night on 21st June 2022, eastern Afghanistan was struck by an earthquake of 5.9 magnitude, becoming the country's deadliest in the last two decades. Hundreds of homes collapsed, killing more than 1,150 innocent villagers and another 1,200 injured. Gayan, a district in Paktika, was among the most devastated areas, with more than 300 people martyred and approximately 350 to 400 wounded.

The government, NGO's and international organizations assisted earthquake victims in recovering dead bodies and rescuing injured people. They also provided the affected people with essential aid (food and tents). Gulzad Foundation, among them, within hours, planned a trip to the devastated areas to lend assistance.
Upon arrival, the foundation team shared their deepest sympathy and unwavering support, wishing the families of victim’s comfort and courage at this time of sorrow. They assessed the area from home to home to ensure that aid gets distributed fairly. In the process, the Foundation team interviewed the devastated villagers of Gayan that had lost their homes, families, livestock, and all they had as assets to support living to determine what has to be provided after these rescue missions and essential aid of food and tents.
The foundation team learned that Gayan does not have any medical facilities; also, it was reported that many lives were lost during the transportation of injured people to other districts through unpaved roads for medical treatment.

After the site assessment, the foundation team started the distribution of food packages that included 50kg flour bags, 5 liters of cooking oil, 2kg of beans, 1 packet of salt, and drinking water, which supported more than 1,500 earthquake victims for two months.
The foundation team, in their assessment, found that to bring their lives back on track, the government, NGOs, international organizations, businessmen, and all other Afghans that are willing to make a difference, shall provide assistance in rebuilding their homes; before the arrival of harsh snowy winter, which will make it unbearable to survive in tents with scarce food supplies.
The Gulzad Foundation, supported by the Gulzad Group, has the capacity and means to provide further assistance to natural disaster victims in the future with the support of international organizations, local businessmen, and Afghans who are willing to help.

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